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                                  West Virginia University Students
                                  WVU Morgantown’s new, phased return to campus delays the start of classes to August 26. Visit the Return to Campus website for the latest.


                                  WVU COVID-19 Test Results
                                  Student checks in at registration table
                                  President Gee Announces Revised Fall Schedule
                                  Exterior view of Life Sciences at night
                                  Return to Campus
                                  Front of Oglebay Hall



                                  • Join the virtual 2020 Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium
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                                  • WVU Libraries offers anti-racism collection in Overdrive
                                  • Apply now for new, one-year online MS in Digital Marketing Communications
                                  All Academic News


                                  • Move-in for University Apartments
                                  • Daily Athenaeum wins 16 West Virginia Press Association awards
                                  • Virtual 'Mindful Mondays' series focuses on self-care during COVID-19
                                  • From classroom to kitchen: Philosophy student launches reading group on veganism
                                  • Coming soon: The Market @ UPlace with a Starbucks and Panda Express
                                  • Virtual Serenity Place open to all WVU students
                                  All Student Life Announcements


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                                  • WVU announces phased return to Morgantown campus
                                  • New students can pick up ID cards in Morgantown residence halls during move-in week
                                  • Council for Women's Concerns seeking interested participants for a Women of Color Committee
                                  • WVU Parking Management Office reopens Aug. 3, open during move-in
                                  • Additional COVID-19 testing options for students based in Morgantown
                                  • Justice appoints Patrice Harris, reappoints two others to WVU Board of Governors
                                  • Pay for your next Grubhub order with Mountie Bounty
                                  • WVU extends fall payment deadline, provides more details on ‘phased’ Return to Campus plans
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                                  • Register now to attend virtual Introduction to High-Performance Computing Workshop on August 3-4
                                  • ‘Breathe, Nolan, Breathe’ documentary nominated for an Emmy
                                  • Update on WVU HVAC Systems and COVID-19
                                  • Uncovering mask benefits: WVU team simulates the spread of COVID-19 droplets in new video
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